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Laughing Kids
Parenting Resorces for families with children aged 2, 3,4 and 5 years old.

Parenting Resources

Are you at your wits end and unsure of how to deal with your child's behaviour?

Let me help you get the calm your family deserves!
I will teach you how to implement a plan of action that will help you set consistent and loving boundaries, while providing positive reinforcement to help your child learn with natural and logical consequences while using responsive and nurturing parenting techniques. 


'It takes a village' to raise children. Are you looking for someone to listen to your concerns and provide you with loving & responsive parenting techniques you can implement at home that will help get you the results you are searching for?

Included in your package:

Phone call: 45 - 60 minutes

Follow up email: Detailing what was discussed.

1 Week Support: 5 days of unlimited email/text support for any questions that will arise.


Included in your package:

Initial consultation: Done in person or Zoom (your choice).​

Customized plan: Tailored to your family and child(ren)'s needs.

Parenting Handbook: Full of scripts and "how-to-implement" techniques for tantrums, power struggles, eating troubles, hitting, biting, yelling, sharing and so much more!

Ages & Stages Questionnaire: A developmental screener tool to find out where your child is developmentally and to make sure there are no concerns. If concerns are identified I will help to connect you with community resources to get your child on the path to success.

1 Month Support: 20 days of unlimited Email/Phone/Text Support during business hours

Personalized Learning Story: All about your child and their new expectations. You send me pictures of your family and I create a story about the new family expectations/rules. 

Personalized Chore Chart: Help your child build confidence and learn practical life skills!

Personalized Morning/Bedtime Routine Chart: Visual chart to help your child learn the expectations in the morning/bedtime.

Calm Down Corner Resources: Help your child learn their emotions and calm down (in a healthy way) when they are upset. 

Positive Reinforcement Jar: Keep your child motivated along the way while they create new habits and routines. 

Parent with Confidence & Kindness

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Don't want to purchase a full package?

Order an individual chart or learning story for home today. 

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