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Calming Roots is a business that helps parents with sleep, potty and behavioural training.

Package Support Hours

Monday: 6am-9pm PST
Tuesday: 6am-9pm PST
Wednesday: 6am-9pm PST
Thursday: 6am-9pm PST
pm PST

I am UNAVAILABLE for all support/consultation on all BC/Canada Stat Holidays

**Weekend support can be added to any packages for $100/day based on availability** 

Kierstin DeRosier and her family looking happy. Kierstin helps famlies with sleep, potty and behavioural training

"My goal is  to help parents find methods that work for their individual families to create loving & respectful homes. This can be done by giving parents, tools to create predictable and consistent boundaries/routines that will allow their children to grow deep roots and blossom."

Hey! I'm Kierstin DeRosier

I am licensed in British Columbia as an:

Early Childhood Educator 

Infant/Toddler Educator 
Special Needs Educator

Sleep Consultant

Potty Training Consultant

I have worked the past 15 years directly in classrooms in various childcare settings with children ranging in age from 6 weeks - 5 years old. 

Currently (...along with running my own business) I teach in a StrongStart Classroom. This is a Parent Participation Early Learning Centre in BC Elementary Schools. 

Early Childhood is my passion and it fills my heart when I can help  parents implement techniques at home that will get them the results they are desperately searching for.

Not every family is the same, and not every parenting technique can be approached the same way. That is why I work with families to create & implement plans that suit their specific needs in a loving and positive approach.


My packages meets each individual families needs and are centred around where their child is developmentally.


Kierstin DeRosier sleep consultant in the okanagan, BC
Kierstin is an ECE member and parenting consultant
Kierstin DeRosier is a potty training consultant in the okanagan, BC
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If you are overwhelmed or not quite sure where to start and what techniques you should be implementing with your child, working with me is a great start!


I will help you determine age appropriate techniques that YOU are 100% comfortable implementing. I will never ask you to implement a technique/strategy that you are not completely on board with.


I will check in frequently to make sure you are staying consistent and will be there along the way to answer any questions that will arise along the way. 

The techniques that I will teach you to use, I have been mastering for the past 13 years working with young children. IF I can get 8-20 children at a time to go to sleep, use the bathroom, listen, share and be kind to each other in a classroom, YOU can definitely master these techniques for your family!


  1. Book a FREE Phone Consult with me to ask questions, get to know me and see if I would make a great fit for your family. 

  2. After we have connected, and you have determined you would like to go ahead with one of my packages, go to the 'book online' tab.
    Payment options:
    E-transfer: (preferred)


  3. Once I have received your payment I will send you an intake form. Please fill it out as soon as you can so that I can go over it before our initial meeting. 

  4. I will send you a zoom link via email. I like to have our initial consultation on Zoom so that I can meet you and your little one!
    **In person meetings now available within the Okanagan, BC**


  5. I will then begin to build and write up your customized plan with detailed instructions on how to implement.
    **Will take 4 Business Days**


  6. Once your package is ready I will hand deliver it to your home or will mail it to you (anywhere in Canada). 
    Once you have had a chance to look it all over we will have another meeting to answer any questions you may have.


  7. I will be available for unlimited text/phone and email support during the duration of your plan.
    **During business hours**


Seeing results will differ for each individual family. Age and temperament of each individual child are factors that will change outcomes for every family. Being CONSISTENT and setting age appropriate goals will be the key to success when implementing plans, and you should see improvements after a few days.   


The short answer is.....probably. These tears will be out of pure frustration, that things are not going the way your child wants. Your child has developed habits and expectations on how things should go, and as we all is hard to create new routines.


The more consistent you are the faster your child will learn that you will not be going back to the old way of doing things. The first few days are always the hardest but sticking them out and staying consistent will optimize results sooner. That being said, I will NEVER expect you to leave your child to ‘cry it out’. I have many different techniques in my toolbox that I will teach you for yours and adapt each plan to your wishes so that you are 100% comfortable implementing it at home. 


All plans are formed with positive parenting techniques that set consistent boundaries while still providing care & love. 

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Hear From The Families that

Calming Roots - Sleep & Parenting Consulting 

has helped!

"Kierstin is my parenting Guru, she has helped me since my daughter was a baby through sleep consulting and guiding my parenting skills/style. My daughter is thriving and we couldn’t be happier. If you are struggling with behavioural issues or just need a good nights rest, don’t wait any longer. THANK-YOU KIERSTIN!"

"Being a first time mom with ZERO experience with children, I seriously could not have accomplished what I have without Calming Roots. We were able to establish a great sleep routine which has helped ME SLEEP and keep our whole family sane. 

We recently went through her Potty Training Program as well and after the first 2 days my daughter will now put herself on the potty all by herself. She had personalized charts/rewards and so many extra tips. Having the one-on-one was REAL support was extremely helpful.

Kierstin has been so kind, understanding and encouraging. She has so much experience and knowledge. Don't wait until your breaking point to get help!!"

- Kendra LaMelia

"You will experience first class professionalism from Kierstin. Nonjudgemental & deeply knowledgable.


You will experience a total sense of kindness from someone who is invested in your success. She is so attentive, a strong communicator, with unwavering dedication to the task. So many services we employ in our lives have a habit of coming on strong to impress and fade over time. Not here, it's been consistent all the way through. You will have the support you need.


We experienced very rapid results; were amazed with how quickly and (seemingly easy) it was to be able to bring our son around to much improved sleeping! Kierstin was able to stick handle multiple regressions with ease and get us back on track. I cannot emphasize this aspect enough: To have to battle through regressions on our own, when exhausted, would have been an impossibility, we would have been lost at sea.


To have the guidance on hand in real-time was a life changer. Just so thrilled for the progress we've experienced and wish we would had reached out far sooner!"

- Joe & Becky Peters

"Kierstin has been so supportive, helping me shift my daughters (1&3) sleep schedule slightly later in the mornings. They were both waking between 4:45-5:30 and now gradually we have gotten to 5:30-6 which feels so much more manageable. She has a very gentle approach and willingness to work with you until you have reached your desired result. So happy I called Kierstin!"

- Stahl Family

"I wish we would have reached out to Kierstin sooner!  She was fantastic to work with and developed a plan that worked for our family.  

We saw success within a few nights and our daughters sleep habits just keep improving as we stick to our routine and follow Kierstin’s recommendations. Kierstin was a great resource for us, she was quick to respond to any questions we had and was always great with checking in to see how the nights were going.


Everyone in our house is happy and sleeping much better!"

- Retzlaff Family

"Bed times are amazing now, Super easy and my  son falls a sleep at a great time every night.

It was great working together and Kierstin made sure I stayed on top of the program.

She also went above and beyond for my son by making the cutest book and creating a whole package for him."

- Gordon-Collins Family

"Kierstin is amazing - she meets you and your family at your comfort level and really works with you to meet the goals.

She is just so kind, and incredibly knowledgable. Our check ins often branched into other aspects of parenting and she had helpful insights.

She didnt promise a miracle pill or anything like that but she really asked the question and listened to us to get to know our girl. Then she gave us tools, resources, and tips to roll out the plan. Her regular check ins were so helpful and kept us positive!

We are proud to report that Mia is fully potty trained and can even sleep through the night without an accident or go by herself to the bathroom if she needed to and she still loves to read the custom potty book Kierstin made for us!"

- Brooks Family

"We have been very blessed to have had Kierstin's help with both of our boys over the years. Kierstin has given us help with potty training, sleep training, and behavioral tips galore.Our oldest loves his personalized 'chore chart' that really speaks to what motivates him. I love that Kierstin has cleverly set it up for him to add and subract 'points' helping him with math skills along the way.Our youngest loves it when he gets to see Ms. Kierstin, he tells us it was a Ms. Kierstin day!Kierstin is really able to quickly identify what resonates with our kids (they are very different from one another) and has helped me communicate much better by helping guide me in better understanding their different characteristics and how to connect with them differently.I highly recommend her services and can't quite put in words what she has actually helped us with. But in short, she has restored sanity, calm and parental confidence for me on more than one occasion. It is perhaps a cliche to say, but she literally is a kid whisperer, there is no better way to describe her talents."

- Serbon Family

"Kierstin DeRosier is wonderful! She is easy to talk to, very welcoming and non-judgmental. She has many wonderful ideas and really wants to help both parents and children succeed. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to talk with her and try some of her ideas to solve my daughters sleep issues. It's so wonderful for moms/parents to have her as a resource and for support."

- Reimche Family

"Thanks to Kierstin's advice...our son had a great sleep on the first night we implemented the sleeping plan. This is really going to make a difference on our son and our family.You are the best!"

- Pozo Family


"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes"

I will provide you with everything you need to know so that you can learn how to change your parenting approach and implement new techniques to get you the results you are wishing for!

All packages provided by
Calming Roots - Sleep & Parenting Consulting

are customized and suited to meet the needs for your families individual needs.


I will be there every step of the way so that you can have your questions answered and to help you stay consistent and on track!

Have an expert in your back pocket during the duration of your package: call/text or email.


Thanks for submitting!

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