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All About Me

I live in the Okanagan Valley of Beautiful British Columbia. I love spending time in the woods, especially if it involves a bonfire and snacks! I started Calming Roots - Sleep & Parenting Consulting to help parents find the calmness that I experience when I am in the forest. I believe that just like the trees roots, it is our job as parents to teach our children the core values & fundamental life skills to grow deep & blossom in this journey we call life!

"Family, like branches on a tree...we all grow in different ways but our Roots remain the same"

My Qualifications:
Early Childhood Educator certified in 2009, British Columbia through Okanagan College 
Infant/Toddler Educator certified in 2018, British Columbia through Okanagan College
Special Needs Educator certified in 2009, British Columbia through Okanagan College
Pediatric Sleep Consultant certified in 2020, Institute of Paediatric Sleep & Parenting

Potty Training Consultant certified in 2020, Institute of Paediatric Sleep & Parenting

With 15+ years of hands-on experience in Early Childhood classrooms and at home as a parent, I've dedicated my career to finding ways to help children thrive and learn new skills in healthy and developmentally appropriate ways. 

Currently, I also contribute my expertise to a StrongStart Classroom (a Parent Participation Early Learning Centre in BC Elementary Schools). Running my own business alongside this, my commitment to Early Childhood Education runs deep.

Early Childhood is not just a career for me; it's my passion. Nothing fills my heart more than helping parents implement techniques at home that bring the results they desperately seek. 

My goal is to help parents find methods that work for their individual families to create loving & respectful homes. This can be done by giving parents tools to create predictable and consistent boundaries and routines that will allow their children to grow deep roots and blossom.

I tailor my packages to meet the unique needs of each family, focusing on where your child is developmentally. Whether you're exploring my Parenting, Sleep, or Potty Training packages, rest assured that your journey will be guided by a loving and positive approach.

We will work together to create and implement plans that suit your family's specific needs, because when it comes to your child's growth and development, trust matters - I will never ask you to implement something you are not 100% comfortable with.


Connect with me to embark on a personalized parenting journey that brings laughter, calmness, and happiness to your home. You Deserve it!

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